Hello there! 

I'm so glad you've found your way to my site. You're welcome to look around and stay as long as you'd like! But before you wander off just yet, let me take a moment to tell you a bit more about myself! 

I'm a lover of natural-light and specialize in portrait and wedding photography, while still loving any excuse to take my Canon out and listen to my favorite sounds in the world: the charming wink of it's shutter and, of course, your laughter. My inspiration comes from you as telling your story and capturing an authentic glimpse of who you are is the heartbeat of my art.  

I'm also a graphic design student who adores anything involving a little sunshine, being barefoot, and an iced chai with vanilla. I've always thought laughter and running are the best forms of therapy, and I've come to learn "Plan B" can often become an even greater "Plan A." 

I'm also lucky to be married to an amazing man who I met at a coffee shop about 6 years ago. He was the barista and I was just a girl who loved to get a cup of coffee while reading a book, meeting with a good friend or editing photos. But now here we are, loving life with our two rescue pups (Bubba and Bella--who I often call "Little One"), and continuing to learn daily how to best love each other with His Perfect Love and give the kind of the grace found in the Gospel. He teaches me how to dream and I make sure our feet stay on the ground. 

And at the end of each beautiful day, any good thing that comes out of this comes from Jesus Christ, my main inspiration and the reason behind all that I do. Simply said: to Him be all the glory. 



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